Glentronics BWSP The Basement Watchdog Special Backup Sump Pump


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The newly upgraded Basement Watchdog Special builds upon decades of reliability and adds even more features to protect your home from flooding. This battery-operated sump pump system is designed as an emergency backup to support the primary AC sump pump. It automatically begins pumping any time the existing sump pump fails. Easy to use controller sounds an alarm, illuminates a warning light, and describes what to do for maintenance. For added reliability, the float switch has, not 1 but 2 floats. Should 1 float fail to operate, the second float automatically activates the pump. Basement Watchdog backup systems will pump during a power outage, main sump pump failure, primary float switch failure, or if excess water is entering the sump pit. This new system now includes a weekly self-test of the pump, compatibility with maintenance-free AGM batteries, an improved charging and monitoring system and a remote terminal for easy connection to a security system, Auto dialer, or other similar device. 2500 GPH at 0 Ft., 1730 GPH at 10 Ft

Capacity at 10 Ft. 1730 GPH
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